Welcome to 00 Engines the site of Hornby & Tri-ang 00
Hornby Dublo - Tri-ang 00 - 00 Engines - Trucks - Carriages - Diesel Passenger Coaches
Welcome to the 00 Engines site of Hornby Dublo and Triang 00 Railway Rolling Stock
This site has been mainly put together to show what's left of my father's model railway collection, of Hornby Dublo 3 rail & 2 rail. Tri-ang 00, 00 Engines and rolling stock, that have been packed away since 1969.

I am Interested in model railways, but not an enthusiast as some people are, and have great websites devoted to the subject.

I hope you enjoy the photos although some of the descriptions might not be spot on, so if anyone can give me some advice and point out if I am correct or not, I would be most appreciated.
Hornby Dublo EDL7
Hornby Dublo EDL18
Tri-ang R251
Tri-ang Diesel R157 and  R158
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